Have you added essential oils to your yoga practice?

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Bikram yoga Houston

Bikram yoga Houston

Bikram Yoga Houston? Isn’t Houston hot enough, already? Yup. And it’s just getting hotter. Houston is home to the studio Bikram Yoga Houston, one of the most popular hot yoga studios in the nation. In addition to Bikram Yoga Houston’s 2 locations,...
Bikram yoga Shanghai

Bikram yoga Shanghai

Bikram Yoga Shanghai I visited Bikram Yoga Shanghai on my 2013 Hot Yoga Studio Tour…and I have much to report about this delightful little studio in the heart of one of China’s hippest cities. Getting There What an adventure for me to find this studio...

Bikram yoga NYC

Bikram Yoga NYC Loving on Hot Yoga in NYC by bringing you Info and DEALS Even the words “Bikram Yoga NYC” conjure up images of the hippest of hip of the hot yoga world, don’t they? This is YOU: Wearing Phat Buddha Yoga Wear Bending like Lady Gaga on...
Bikram yoga locations

Bikram yoga locations

Figuring Out Your Goals I am SO obsessed with Bikram Hot Yoga that I’ve just got to go visit all the Bikram Yoga Locations out there. Seriously. I spend all my free time scouring the internet trying to learn everything I can about studios. I have written reviews...

Bikram yoga London

Bikram Yoga London: All Hot Yoga Studios in London If you are looking for Bikram Yoga London or other Hot Yoga Studios in London, this city has gotcha covered. We have compiled a comprehensive studio list for you here. Hot Yoga London by i-dig-bikram-yoga on Polyvore...

Primrose Hill

Lovely….Very uplifting and encouraging teachers, no tyrants here. AND NO CARPET…thank god.. and a beautiful room….it makes such a difference to my practice. And why shouldn’t it… The first time I went to Bikram in a carpeted place that...

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