Where are my cross trainers?  Imagine getting an intense work out in just 20 minutes per day!  

My husband and I have joined this exclusive test group and we have the opportunity to bring a few of you with us! 

I am so excited for the chance to do this. Ready to hear more?  Contact us now!  Email: jackie@asanaheat.com or on Facebook!

(Contact us first so we can make sure you make it into the group..  we are so pumped to do this!!

Check out this sample workout. it will blow your mind!

Relaxation yoga poses

Relaxation yoga poses

Relaxation yoga poses There are several poses that are considered relaxation yoga poses or resting poses in yoga. Some you make wonder how in the world that is considered a relaxation pose and others you will be so relaxed that you won’t want to get out of the...

What is hot yoga?

What is hot yoga? I love hot yoga. This age is all about loving on it and answering your questions. Like… What is the difference between  hot yoga and Bikram yoga? We have the answer here… Stay tuned… This page is in the process of being built. We...
Bikram yoga poses

Bikram yoga poses

A closer look at the 26 Bikram Yoga Postures Review the Bikram Yoga poses from class! It’s hard to see what the Bikram Yoga postures should look like while your head is smooshed on your knee. I offer a heads-up review in the coolness of your apartment…...

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