Benefits of Hot Yoga

The benefits of hot yoga come down to this:
You crave kale juice and want to change your life.

Our non-medical guide to bikram yoga benefits (and yoga benefits in general)…with a focus on the mind body elements of the many health benefits of bikram yoga.

A Mind Body Approach to Changing Your Life

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

Before we begin, here is a benefit of bikram yoga you might not have considered yet. Learning to Tolerate Yourself

1. I Am Taking Charge of My Life

Time for change. You can feel it.

Maybe you had a baby, last year or 8 years ago.

Maybe you are 41, divorcing, and striving to burn the old and build the new.

Something is missing. You need more spirit, more self-care, more…something.

Or maybe you need less. You need some of the benefits of hot yoga to help you burn away the excess in your life.

Well, you have found a healer. A strengthener. A cleanser. A commitment.

You have found a practice, a new platform in which to explore and experience you. The real, authentic you. There is a reason the lights are so bright in there….why you have to stare at only yourself in that bloody mirror…wearing only shorts and a bra. It’s just you, baby.

Go ahead, flinch. Cuss. Look her right in the eye. Someday soon you will find compassion for that hardworking girl in the mirror. She showed up to class today. She’s enduring the 105 degree heat. She’s prioritizing her self and her body.

Go ahead, get to know her.

2. Foundation for Self-Care

When you choose to go to a Bikram Yoga class, you are choosing active self care. This in itself is one of the major benefits of hot yoga. You are saying to your self and body: I am worth it. I am going to give this to myself. I am going to strengthen and create flexibility in my body.

You also, by necessity, need to care for yourself the whole rest of the day, in preparation for tomorrow’s class. This thinking puts YOU in the center of your attention and your care. You are prioritizing YOU.

This kind of self-care can be particularly new and beneficial for those of us who tend who put the needs of others ahead of our own (hello Everyone! especially women, moms, nurses, teachers, anyone in caretaking roles…) Go to Bikram 3 times a week, and take back yourself as the center of your own life.

3. Personal Turning Point

One of the seldom discussed bikram yoga health benefits and benefits of hot yoga is it’s significance as a tool for self transformation. The 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge notes this. If you do hot yoga every day for 60 days, you will change your life. Period.

Bikram Yoga can be consciously chosen as the foundational element in one’s personal transformation. Like interpersonal therapy or a 10 day Master Cleanse, starting to practice hot yoga welcomes and directs the significant changes we crave in our lives.

4. Healing the Body

The health benefits of hot yoga are well documented and very medical in nature. Your bikram yoga teacher tells during Wind Removing Pose that you are simultaneously massaging your colon and fighting off carpal tunnel. Some of the promises can seem a little far-fetched and hopeful in the moment.

But wait, with a few classes you can actually feel your body getting better. Back pain eases. Bodies feel lighter and move with more ease. Sure enough, something is happening in there! You won’t have to just believe their script…you can feel the hot yoga benefits for yourself.

5. Healing the Mind

All yoga benefits the mind as much as it does the body. It’s a process of disciplining the body and mind together, working in conjunction. One learns to watch her thoughts as a way to more deeply discover herself.

Bikram Yoga is, however, extremely challenging. You are putting yourself into an environment that just begs your mind to start squawking – very possibly criticizing yourself and others.

You are turning up the heat on those thoughts – taking them way out of their comfort zone and pushing them to their limits – so don’t be surprised when those thoughts fight back….grumpy and angry with some nasty zingers.

But with practice, your mind starts transforming along with your body. Suddenly those shorts that you thought made everyone look so fat? They look cool and luxurious, even flattering. And you think, “here I am miserable in my hot, clingy, cotton sweatpants… maybe I might need to get me some of those shorts!” You start feeling great in your body and want to switch from capris to yoga shorts? Those are major health benefits of hot yoga right there!

6. Bikram Yoga Weight Loss

Bikram Yoga weight loss seems easy, but sometimes those extra pounds won’t budge. Bikram Yoga weight loss seems easy, but sometimes those extra pounds won’t budge. Here’s how to max your calories burned in a hot yoga class.

7. More Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Clarity – thoughts are clear. Inspiration flows through you. Purpose is clear. Joy can arrive and stay more easily. Body feels light and clear rather than thick and stagnant.
  • A 3-in-One Workout – Cardio, Strength Training, Stretching
  • Reduced Stress
  • Hydration
    Your practice forces you to pay attention to how much water you drink, otherwise you will become dehydrated. You often end up more hydrated than when you are not practicing, and you receive the benefits of self-care when you actually prioritize caring for a basic need for yourself.

Special Areas of Discussion for the Benefits of Hot Yoga

Benefits of Sweating

When you sweat, you detox. You clean the toxins out of your system. Sweating also has the benefit of reducing stress as well as assisting with weight loss. Lastly, sweating benefits the skin, leaving you glowing.

Bikram Yoga Pregnancy

Bikram yoga and pregnancy. Really?

Well, probably not for those of us who couldn’t get off the bathroom floor for the first 3 months.

But for those of you who are pregnant and searched “bikram pregnancy yoga” as a way to find out if it’s safe to continue your practice, Bikram Choudhury’s wife, Rajashree, is here to guide you through the process. Rather than paraphrasing, I will send you directly to the source. Rajashree gives you all guidelines of what and when is safe hot yoga to practice during pregnancy.

She also offers the Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga DVD and Audio as a master guide. No one messes around with risk in pregnancy, so just go to the source herself.

Running Injuries

Generally, Bikram Yoga is a great practice to take up if you are recovering from a running injury. A main benefit of hot yoga is its ability to heal illness and injury. Many runners, as well as many athletes in general, may have that competitive drive that may cause them to push themselves past their limits and perhaps ignore their bodies signals to slow down. If this does sound like you, be careful in a Bikram Yoga class where there is lots of encouragement to push! push! push! without a ton of supervision….you don’t want to make your injury worse. If you are willing to go slow and listen more to your body than to your instructor, then go for it.

Here is a link to the best article I’ve seen on running injuries and Bikram Yoga.

Congratulations on exploring the benefits of hot yoga and therefore to your commitment to self care!

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