My Story

My name is Jaye, a nickname given to me by my husband that I have taken on as my pen name.

I loved hot yoga for several years now but my workouts took a different direction due to some health issues and since have become almost non-existent.  While I can now honestly say the saying “use it or lose it” is so true..  I am tired, sore, and stiff most of the time.  My muscles feel week and it does not take much to feel muscle fatigue.

I have recently very gotten back into working out but am not to a point of feeling better and I know that is my lack of consistency.  For the next while I will be getting some strength back and them I will be back on the mat.. the hot yoga mat that is.. and will be sharing my journey. I will be dedicating a section of my blog to my journey towards getting my health back and I hope it will inspire some of you.

So.. don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, follow by blog.. join me over on Facebook.. whatever you preference.. or ALL of the above. We will be sharing much more very soon.

About Asana Heat

The folks at Asana Heat are hot yoga enthusiasts!  We love how hot yoga makes us feel and want to share our journey.

In March of 2017 we changed our site from I-dig-bikram-yoga.com to asanaheat.com.  You may still note references and images references our old site.  It is the same site.. only better.

The folks here at Asana Heat love to share their love of hot yoga including bikram yoga.  We also love talking about some great studios, clothing, mats, and various other hot yoga items.  As the new owner, the folks and I will continue to share these great resources with you.  Despite how good a product, studio or instructor may be, personal preference does play in role in your opinion.  With that being said, I think that is a bonus as you will see the opinions of myself, the previous owner, our team and readers.

Some, but not all of the links provided on our site may pay us a small commission if you purchase after following our link.  We will never provide a link to a studio or product that we do not believe to be in the best interest of our readers.  Purchasing through our links helps us to keep this site free for our readers.  For more information please see our advertising disclosure.

I will add to my story very soon and share my love of hot yoga with you.  The folks here also love to hear from our readers so please feel free to drop us a line about anything you would like to tell us…

Chat soon..



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